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Did you know?

88% of internet consumers that run a search for local businesses will visit or call the business within 24 hours?

Local search engine optimization is how you can connect with these consumers.

Don’t understand how local SEO works?

Fish4Leads is here to help.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO helps mobile users find your business when they run a search based on your geographical location. It improves the visibility of your business through search engines, online business directories, or social media channels. Customers will also be able to find your business more easily through navigational apps like Google Maps.


Not Sure How Local SEO Can Help Your Business?

It’s simple. 46% of the users that run searches on Google seek information on local businesses. Improving your local SEO means that you can connect with customers that are looking for products or services close to where you are located.

Compared to other local channels of advertising, local SEO generates the highest level of conversion. You can use it to improve your search engine rankings for local customers. This can help you get more visits to your website, generate more leads, and help boost your sales. What’s more, improving your local SEO can help you outrank your competitors as well!


When Should You Opt for Using Local SEO?

Local SEO is particularly useful for local companies that do not have a nationwide presence. It is also great for franchise owners. If your company only provides services within a particular geographic location, then we strongly recommend that you use local search engine optimization to boost your online presence. It can help you drive the website traffic, leads, and sales without exceeding your marketing budget.

That’s right. Local SEO is a cost-effective solution that increases the impact of your marketing campaigns by targeting customers that actually need your products or services.


Work with Us!

If you are looking for local SEO solutions that actually work, you have come to the right place. The team at Fish4Leads has an extensive amount of experience in Local SEO management and specializes in providing personalized marketing solutions that will suit the unique nature of your business.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Provide you with a complete analysis of your local competitors and their current marketing strategies for search engine optimization
  • Help build and improve your local citations across local online directories and identify new citation opportunities
  • Gather insights regarding the online behavior of your customers and how they conduct searches relevant to your business
  • Optimize your landing pages and help you build content that caters to your local target market thereby improving your visibility in local searches
  • Track the effectiveness of your local search engine optimization campaigns and provide detailed reports
  • Continue to optimize and improve your website to suit local SEO needs and generate more business.
Interested in improving your local SEO and getting more visibility online?